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As one of the leading civil engineering companies in the Intermountain Region, Jones & DeMille Engineering (JDE) offers expert planning services. We are focused on adding value in the planning stages of rural infrastructure projects, delivering a useful planning tool for administrators and officials, and providing the necessary information to make informed, correct, and educated decisions.

Using Funds Efficiently

When you choose JDE as your civil engineering company, you’ll benefit from our team’s unmatched planning experience. Since the majority of our workload consists of public infrastructure projects, we recognize the need to make the most efficient use of public funds possible. Municipalities and government agencies throughout Utah recognize JDE for our expertise in funding procurement, cost control, and outstanding financial planning.

Goal-Oriented Planning

JDE stands out among Utah’s civil engineering companies for our ability to understand the infrastructure needs of rural areas. We give our clients peace of mind in knowing that their critical projects will reach the desired goals and deliver real benefits to their communities.

With proper goal-oriented planning, we can demonstrate the value a civil engineering project will bring, so our clients can proceed with confidence

Strategies for Success

The most important component of success in civil engineering and infrastructure construction projects is planning for success. We excel in considering all details of our projects while keeping sight of the big picture, and the result is an outstanding track record for on time, on budget project completions with the functional, long-lasting quality our clients have come to expect from us.

Our Experts

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