Materials Testing

As a premier civil engineering company serving the Intermountain West, Jones & DeMille Engineering extends our full-service capabilities by offering advanced materials testing services. Material testing is a key part of verifying and maintaining quality in our rural infrastructure construction projects, so we established our in-house material testing laboratory to deliver added value to our clients. Now, we have materials testing labs located in Richfield and Roosevelt, and we even have a mobile lab that can test materials right on site, anywhere we’re working.

A Variety of Materials Tested

Our full-service materials testing labs enable us to perform a wide variety of tests on many materials, including concrete, asphalt, soils, aggregates, and others. We are capable of assessing the density, smoothness, and other material properties of these construction materials, ensuring they meet the client’s specifications. For transportation infrastructure projects, we also perform quality control testing to verify material specifications for the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). Whether your material testing needs are simple, routine, or highly complex, JDE is here to deliver expertise and value.

Award-Winning Facilities

JDE’s material testing laboratory was recognized as the UDOT Consultant Materials Lab of the Year in 2008, 2019 & 2021 demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

When you rely on JDE as your civil engineering company and materials testing partner, you can rest assured in knowing that you’re working with one of the top labs in Utah.

Certified for Excellence

Our UDOT-certified laboratories have also been accredited through UDOT’s Laboratory Qualification Program (LQP), requiring our technicians to be qualified, our equipment to be verified, our quality systems to be assessed, and a proficiency sample analysis to be performed successfully. We’re also qualified for embankment, aggregates, and asphalt by the Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction (WAQTC). Other qualifications and certifications include ACI, SHRP gyratory compaction, AASHTO, CCRL, and AMRL.

Our Experts

Mark Rappleye
Materials Testing Lead, Lab Manager
Lyndon Friant, PE/PLS
Director, Construction Engineering

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