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Securing the required funding for any construction project is critical, but it can be a daunting challenge for clients seeking to finance their rural infrastructure projects. That’s why Jones & DeMille Engineering (JDE) offers experienced funding procurement services: to lend more than three decades of experience and insight to help our clients fund their civil engineering and construction projects.

Experience With Funding Sources

At JDE, our team has a deep and up-to-date understanding of potential primary funding sources for civil engineering and infrastructure construction projects in rural Utah. We know how to procure funding and low-interest loans from a long list of local, state, and federal agencies, legislative sources, and others. Our long history of success in procuring funding for our projects has helped us build a sterling reputation among civil engineers for this unique capability.

Evaluating Feasibility

Making the most of all of our funding opportunities requires extensive knowledge of the funding procurement and administration process.

Our team excels in evaluating the feasibility of each project component to determine the best options for funding, and we know how to effectively prepare and compile the funding application to maximize our chances for successful approval.

Setting Ourselves Apart

JDE may not be the only civil engineers in Utah, but when it comes to obtaining funding for our projects, we truly stand out from the crowd. We are pleased to combine our funding procurement knowledge with our overall planning, project management, and project leadership capabilities to ensure our clients’ projects are feasible and oversee the entire process from conception through completion and beyond.

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