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At Jones & DeMille Engineering (JDE), our team supports our clients from the very beginning through the construction process and beyond. Construction engineering and management are pillars of our full-service capabilities, setting us apart from other civil engineering firms. With assistance from the JDE team, clients’ rural infrastructure construction projects are administered and documented properly, problems are solved quickly and proactively, and a successful outcome is our guarantee.

Overseeing the Construction Process

JDE administers the construction process from contractor procurement through bidding, contract administration, construction management, and beyond. We help our clients utilize innovative contracting methods, such as the design-build or contractor-assist model, to ensure their projects’ successful, on-time, and on-budget completion. Once construction begins, we have dedicated full-time observers on the ground at all times to document the process and ensure compliance with all project plans and specifications.

Strong Communication

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, clear, and accurate communication with our clients and all project stakeholders at all times, through every stage of our projects.

Using our cloud-based construction documentation app, we keep everyone in the loop at all times regarding project status by sending detailed data reports to project owners and everyone involved.

From Site Development to Closeout

Our construction engineering and management capabilities also include site development work, such as expert construction staking and assisting our contractors with GPS-guided machine controls. Once our projects are completed, we add value in project closeout by developing detailed operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, construction record drawings (CRDs), and other key documents. With JDE handling your construction engineering and management functions from start to finish, your project will be administered by the very best.

Our Experts

Lyndon Friant, PE/PLS
Director, Construction Engineering
Ben Giblette
Construction Engineering Project Manager
Mark Rappleye
Materials Testing Lead, Lab Manager
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