Road Improvements – Nine Mile Canyon Road • Duchesne & Carbon Counties

Jones & DeMille was asked to make road improvement to solve the dust issue and construct and design the roadway.
Nine Mile Canyon

The Nine Mile Canyon Road is known worldwide for its rock art panels. Unfortunately, natural gas development in the region increased the dust levels in the canyon due to truck and industrial traffic. With this in mind, special interest groups became concerned. Dust accumulation on the rock art panels was damaging the ancient features. For this reason, Jones & DeMille was asked to make road improvements to solve the dust issue and construct and design the new roadway.

Carbon County, Duchesne County and Bill Barrett Corporation partnered to fund a $24 Million road improvement project. With this funding, energy development could proceed. Careful measures were taken to protect the vital cultural resources found in the canyon. JDE completed all necessary design engineering, right-of-way acquisition, construction management, materials testing, construction staking and funding procurement services.

The project was 34 miles long and included nearly 250 culverts and low water crossings, earthwork, micro-surfacing, fencing and safety elements. JDE utilized a contractor-assisted design methodology. Because of this, counties procured a contractor early in the design process. This allowed us to capitalize on the talents and perspectives provided by the contractor. This approach reduced scheduling conflicts, contributed to major cost savings and maximized value to the counties.

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Duchesne/Carbon Counties, Utah
Nine Mile Canyon
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