Construction Engineering • Manti City Multi-Recreational Facility

Jones and DeMille’s Construction Engineering Team worked with Manti City to construct a multi-recreational sports complex. To begin, Manti City formed a committee of seasoned sports volunteers to guide the design. The JDE Construction Engineering Team used the input from this group to develop a number of alternate designs with cost estimates. With this information, the committee decided to increase the number of fields and decrease the coverage of lighting. The final design received input from the City Council and, upon approval, moved into final design and biddable construction documents. As construction moved forward, the small number of change orders, little use of the contingency, and additional funding from sponsor and other sources allowed the City to purchase lighting for the remainder of the complex. The City is very proud of this facility and will be a valuable asset for many years to come.

The complex includes:

  • Five-plex of baseball & softball field
  • Open grass fields for other sports
  • Two parking lots
  • Center commons area
  • Playground area
  • Area around the perimeter of the park for a future walking trail.

The building includes restrooms, concessions and utility areas on the ground level and a scorekeepers and administration lounge on the second level.

Manti Multi-Recreational Facility – Manti, Utah

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Manti City
Manti, Utah
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