Site Civil – Bluff Dwellings Bluff, Utah

Jones & DeMille Engineering’s Site Civil Team helped Bluff Dwellings, LLC bring their dreams of a luxury resort hotel to life! This project consists of five unique building designs, some of which were reused multiple times in other projects.

The first building is a multipurpose building which contains the hotel reception, gift shop, owner residence, conference room, and spa. The second building is a pool restroom and grounds maintenance building. The third building is what they call a dwelling unit, which consists of a standalone hotel rooms and kitchenette. The fourth building is what they call a family dwelling, which consists of a two-room units with kitchenette. The final and most impressive building is called the Pueblo, which is a 4-story hotel building.

All of the buildings were inspired by the Native American ruins in southeastern Utah.

Bluff Dwellings • Bluff, Utah

JDE’s services included design & architecture, survey, water resources, and site planning. This project also included design of a four-story pueblo-style building, smaller lodging facilities, maintenance building, and an administration building.

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Bluff Dwellings, LLC
Bluff, Utah
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