Careers at Jones & DeMille Engineering

Jones & DeMille Culture

At Jones & DeMille Engineering, we know that a company’s culture is more than just a friendly smile as you pass your co-workers. We seek lasting relationships through core values that not only help our team members thrive in the workplace, but also in their personal lives. Everything we do helps shape the quality of life wherever our team members work and live.

We are a family-focused company that encourages its team members to pursue an engaged balanced life. We know that time with family is a precious commodity, and it is important to build those relationships while also achieving the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

We are value-oriented and care for every member of our team as well as our clients. Therefore, we are committed to making an impact beyond the project. We strive to build communities in which we live, work serve, and yes, even play.

Shaping The Quality of Life — Together