Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Flood Protection Funding Opportunities & Hazard Mitigation Assistance Funding

As a partner to assist you with projects and funding, Jones & DeMille Engineering (JDE) has the following information for FEMA flood protection funding opportunities summarizing eligible projects, timelines, and next steps. The due dates have been moved up this year and we wanted to point out the upcoming due date for NOI’s of May 31st. In our experience, it’s also important to get started on your application and Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) as soon as possible to have the best possible outcome with the application process. 

According to FEMA floodplain data, there are structures within the current effective floodplain in your community indicating there is a flood risk. There may also be flooding issues outside a designated FEMA floodplain which would benefit from additional flood protection. We have created a GIS online map showing hydrology and floodplain data helping us understand where and how to implement flood protection projects and would like to set up a time to talk about your specific needs.  

FEMA funding applications are accepted only once a year. JDE is working closely with the Utah DEM to answer questions and help position communities and projects for funding.

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Feel free to contact your local JDE engineer to discuss your community’s needs. We would love to help.

Darin Robinson, PE
Principle – ph: 435-979-7630, Email:  [email protected] 

Ricky Anderson, PE/CFM
Certified Flood Manager – ph: 801.259.1874, Email: [email protected]

Joel Warren, CFM
GIS Specialist – ph: 435.890.7249, Email:  [email protected]

You can download our latest Bulletin below.

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